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Speed Bicycles virtual vintage bicycle museum

If you love vintage bicycles, then you should check out the Speed Bicycles website which contains a free online virtual museum. They have created an impressive gallery showcasing images of over 360 bicycles. These high quality images are taken from multiple angles of each bike.

The gallery showcases bicycles from many periods starting with a 1905 Martin bicycle right up to a 2019 De Rosa bicycle. Whilst the museum includes some modern bicycles, the majority (300+) of bicycles are pre-1990. Enough to keep any vintage enthusiast happy for hours.

You will find bicycles from all the famous brands such as Colnago, Bianchi, De Rosa, Masi, Peugeot, Merckx, Wilier etc. In addition to images, they have provided detailed specifications of each bike such as componentry, frame size, make and model.

If you don’t have a local vintage bicycle museum, this virtual museum is a wonderful alternative.

Visit the Speed Bicycles museum

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