Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers Review

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers Review


Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set was in production from 1974 to late 1980’s. During this period, Campagnolo also released 2 special editions of this group set which featured variations of these brake levers. The Super Record brake levers featured a striking drill pattern which would typically be associated with weight reduction, but I read recently this may have been actually for improved grip. They have a lovely silver anodised finish.

Note: Be sure not to confuse Campagnolo Victory brake levers with Super Record brake levers as they are very similar as discussed later in this article.

Super Record Brake Levers

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Lever
Campagnolo Super Record Brake Lever with hood.
Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers (front & side)
Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers (with hoods removed)

These levers are a simple hinged pull design. The brake cable ferrule feeds through a rotating cylinder fitted inside the upper section of the lever. The cable then exits out through the top of the rubber hood and into the brake cable outer which is routed over the top of the handle bars and to the brake callipers.

These levers are not designed for routing the brake cable along the handle bars.

The rubber hoods can be removed and replaced if desired. Several colour options are available; tan, white and black.

The Super Record group set included 2 identical brake levers, so any lever can be used for either side of the handle bars.

The brake lever clamp nut (M8) can be accessed by pressing the lever down (with no cable fitted). Also the brake lever clamp can be removed for easy fitting to the handle bars, before fixing the brake lever body to the clamp bolt.

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Brake Levers

Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Brake Levers
Campagnolo Super Record 50th Anniversary Brake Levers

These levers were included in the Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group set which was essentially Super Record components that featured special gold badging and 50th anniversary markings. Interestingly, however the design of this lever was very different to the Super Record lever and very similar to the updated brake lever included in the C-Record group set which replaced Super Record in around 1986.

Colnago 30th Anniversary Brake Levers

Colnago 30th Anniversary Brake Lever
Colnago 30th Anniversary Brake Lever with inlaid gold club

In 1984 Campagnolo manufactured a special version of the Super Record group set for Colango to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Colnago (founded in 1954). These group sets are very rare and were originally fitted to a limited release of Colnago Arabesque bicycles.

The design of the Colango 30th Anniversary brake lever is also very different to the regular drilled Super Record lever. It featured a gold club inlay and world champ stripes along with Ernesto Colnago’s signature.

Brake Lever Hoods

Super Record brake levers were sold with 2 different versions of these rubber hoods. The first version featured the Campagnolo globe logo and were supplied up to 1982. Second generation hoods (1983 to 1987) featured the Campagnolo shield logo.

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Hood with Globe Logo
Vintage Campagnolo Brake Hood with globe Logo
Original Campagnolo Super Record Brake Hoods
Original Vintage Campagnolo Brake Hoods with shield logo

Original Campagnolo rubber brake hoods are becoming rarer as they are now 30 to 40 years old. This rarity makes them expensive to buy in ‘New Old Stock’ condition. Thankfully there are plenty of replica brake hoods available for sale on E-bay so you can continue to enjoy this wonderful group set and also change colours should you desire. The replica hoods shown below are very similar and work well. There only appears to be minor differences in colour and the Campagnolo logo. I am currently using replica hoods and they fit and function perfectly.

TIP: If you have an original set of brake hoods in good condition and you ride the bike regularly, I recommend you swap them with replica hoods and keep the original hoods aside for the day you sell the bike. Original parts add value.

Replica Campagnolo Super Record Brake Hoods
Replica Campagnolo Super Record Brake Hoods

How to Remove the Rubber Hoods

Assuming the brake levers are still mounted on the handle bars.

1. Release the brake cables from the brake callipers.
2. Feed the brake cable down and out the bottom of the brake lever.
3. Press the brake lever down to show the clamp nut.
4. Remove the clamp nut, now the lever can be removed from the bars.
5. Apply a light application of talc power to the inside the rubber hood.
6. Gently work the hood back off the rear of the lever body.

When refitting the hood, again apply a light application of talc powder on the inside of the hood before sliding it on. Here is a link to a you tube video showing the procedure.

Brake Levers Parts Schematic

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers Schematic

Brake Cables

Campagnolo sold brake cables and outer housings in several different lengths to suit different bike set-ups. The good news is that modern Campagnolo brake cables are compatible with these components. Learn more about Campagnolo brake cables.

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables with logo
Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables with logo
Image courtesy of Vintage NOS Bicycle Parts

Campagnolo Victory Brake Levers

Campagnolo C-Record was released in 1986 to replace Super Record as the premium level group set. In the same year, Campagnolo released the Victory group set which was a second tier group set. The brake callipers and brake levers of this group set are nearly identical to Super Record.

So, if you are shopping for Super Record brake levers, make sure to pay careful attention to the subtle differences which are;

  • Super Record levers have CAMPAGNOLO text logo on the front of the lever. Victory levers have the Campagnolo shield wing logo.
  • Super Record levers have 10 holes on all sides. Victory has 9 holes on the sides, 11 holes on the front.
  • Brake lever handle bar clamp is marked BREV. CAMPAGNOLO on Super Record levers. Victory’s clamp is marked with the Campagnolo shield wing logo (same as the front of the lever).
  • The rubber hoods appear to be identical for both groups.
Campagnolo Victory Brake Levers
Campagnolo Victory Brake Levers (circa 1986).

UK Pricing in 1981

I found a 1981 catalogue for a British cycling shop with pricing as follows;
The Super Record brake set (including brake levers) was GBP 92.00

Super Record Component Weight

I have weighed a set of Super Record components and quite surprisingly, these vintage parts compares quite favourably against the weight of a modern Campagnolo Super Record group set.

Learn more about Campagnolo Super Record

This article is just a small part of my full review of Campagnolo Super Record group set.

Further Reading

There were some minor differences in Super Record brake levers manufactured over the years. Read more about the variations. Campagnolo rubber brake hoods also came in 2 varieties, read more here.


Please remember that this information is only to be used as a guide.
I consider myself an enthusiast, not an expert. The information I have presented in this article is based on my many hours of online research.

Whilst I enjoy working on my own bikes, I am not a qualified bicycle mechanic. The content of this article is purely illustrative and does not constitute professional advice. For your own safety, any type of work should only be undertaken by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Incorrect assembly of parts could result in equipment damage, personal injury or death.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers Review

  • Hi, I am restoring a 1971 Masi (50 years old this May) I am trying to find an outlet that has the brake handle hoods. The old ones are like raisins. Can you recommend a source for these? Thanks, Scott

    • Sounds like a great project. Search eBay for ‘Campagnolo vintage brake hoods’. You will probably find NOS and reproduction options depending on your budget. I got a few sets of reproduction hoods from Ebay 2velocom and they look and work well.

  • Hi, I am owning a pair of heavy used Super Record and Nuovo Record Brake Levers. Is it possible to disassamble the lever to polish it?


    • Hi Sven, I haven’t removed the lever from the body, so not sure how that is done or how to reassemble them again.

  • I am replacing the stem on my Daimler Puch and I need to remove the handle bar. How do I release the brake lever clamp shown as part no. 2033 in the schematic?

    • Hi Mike, all you need to do is to release and remove the brake cable, then use a small socket tool to loosen the hex nut #2037 which is visible from the front when the brake lever is squeezed in. You might need a small light to see the nut in there.

  • The brake lever diagram leaves out a small black lock washer (smooth on one side and finely grooved on the other). It goes beneath the assembly nut (part 2337 in the diagram). As it sits in a recessed hole, its presence may be easily overlooked and it could be lost during disassembly and cleaning. The grooves face the bottom of the nut.

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