Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Pedals Review

Campagnolo Super Record Pedals (steel axle)
Campagnolo Super Record Pedals (steel axle)


Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set included a revised pedal design that featured a black anodised alloy cage to reduce weight.

The Super Record group set was available in 2 variations that included either steel or titanium components. As such, the pedals could be supplied with a steel axle or a titanium axle depending on your budget and weight consciousness.

Superleggeri pedals with a steel axle

Campagnolo Superleggeri Pedals (steel axle)
Campagnolo Superleggeri Pedals (steel axles)

This pedal with regular steel axles was known as the Record super-light (superleggeri) pedal which can be a little confusing as it was not as light as the Super Record pedal. These pedals weighed approximately 330 grams a set. The steel axle is easy to identify by its silver colour, magnetic properties and heavier weight.

Super Record pedals with a titanium axle

Campagnolo Super Record Pedals (titanium axle)
Campagnolo Super Record Pedal (titanium axle)

Super Record pedals were the lightest pedals on offer and featured titanium axles to save even more weight. The pedals weighed approximately 260 grams a set which was a saving of 70 grams over the regular Superleggeri pedals. The titanium axle is easy to identify by its warm grey colour, reduced magnetism and lighter weight.

How to Identify a Matching Set of Pedals

Pedals are supplied in a set of 2, one for each side. They are identified by the markings ‘D’ (destra which is Italian for right) and ‘S’ (sinistro which is Italian for left). When buying a used set of pedals, make sure you buy a matching set.

Pedal Axle Thread Specification

The pedals are 9/16″ x 20 F threading. The left pedal (marked ‘S’) is reverse threaded, so you turn anti-clockwise to tighten it. The right pedal (marked ‘D’) is normally threaded, so turn clockwise to tighten.

This pedal thread standard has been carried over to modern-day bicycles so you can use modern clipless pedals with your vintage Super Record group set if you so desire!

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Pedals

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Pedals
Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Pedals with titanium axles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Campagnolo in 1983, they created a limited edition version of the Super Record group set. The pedals included in this special group set feature 50th anniversary engravings, gold emblem dust caps and titanium axles.

Colnago 30th Anniversary Pedals

Campagnolo Colnago 30th Anniversary Pedals
Campagnolo Colnago 30th Anniversary Pedals

In 1984 Campagnolo manufactured a special version of the Super Record group set for Colango to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Colnago (founded in 1954). These components were fitted to a limited release of the Colnago Arabesque bicycle and easily identified by the pantographed signature of Ernesto Colnago.

Parts Diagram

Campagnolo Super Record Pedal parts diagram
Campagnolo Super Record Pedal parts diagram

Super Record Component Weight

I have weighed a set of Super Record components and quite surprisingly, these vintage parts compares quite favourably against the weight of a modern Campagnolo Super Record group set.

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This article is just a small part of my full review of Campagnolo Super Record groupset.

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Learn how to service vintage Campagnolo pedals. This article includes information on how to dismantle, clean and re-assemble these pedals.

Campagnolo Pedals with axle fitted


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One thought on “Vintage Campagnolo Super Record Pedals Review

  • As a user of Campagnolo Nuovo Record (since ’72) and Super Record (since ’81) I’ve come to trust mostly thier steel componenets. I do use a 2nd gen SR titanium solid (nutted) spindle on 6 bikes, but never trusted the titanium pedals, though I have couple sets I could use.

    Question, to anyone who might have experience, insight and/or info on dependability- history of SR titanium spindle pedals, made from 1974 to (I believe) 1986 . . . . . .
    Have these titanium spindle pedals ever been known to break ? (simular to the 1st gen titanium hollow bottom-bracket spindals).
    Thanks (for any info)

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