Vintage Campagnolo Cables Review

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables
Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables
Image courtesy of Vintage NOS Bicycle Parts


Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. The Super Record group set was in production from 1974 to late 1980’s. The following cables were included with the Super Record group set, however these cables were generally utilized at all group set levels.

Interestingly, the ferrule on modern Campagnolo shift and brake cables is nearly identical to those of modern group sets which means you can use modern Campagnolo cables with vintage group sets.

Vintage Campagnolo Shift Cables

Vintage Campagnolo Shift Cable ferrule
Vintage Campagnolo Shift Cable

Some examples of vintage
Campagnolo shift cables.

Vintage Campagnolo Shift Cables (Chart 1)
Campagnolo Shift Cables (Chart 1 – 1973 Catalog)
Vintage Campagnolo Shift Cables (Chart 2)
Campagnolo Shift Cables (Chart 2 – 1973 Catalog)
Part NumberDescriptionLength
606Shift inner cable118 cm
608Shift inner cable72 cm
145Shift inner cable197 cm
218Shift inner cable150 cm
617Stainless steel shift outer casing21 cm
622Stainless steel shift outer casing21 cm
623Stainless steel shift outer casing15.5 cm
625Stainless steel shift outer casing75 cm

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cables with logo
Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cable Ends (with logo)
Image courtesy of Vintage NOS Bicycle Parts

The above image shows some original vintage Campagnolo brake cables with the logo stamped on the top of the cable end. These brake cables feature the same pear shape cable end as modern Campagnolo brake cables.

Vintage Campagnolo Brake Cable Specs
Campagnolo Brake Cables (1973 Catalog)
Part NumberDescriptionLength
2028Front inner brake cable73 cm
2029Rear inner brake cable131 cm
2026Front brake outer casing61 cm
2027Rear brake outer casing 119 cm

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