Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt Review

Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt Disassembled
Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt (disassembled)


Campagnolo Super Record was released in 1974 as the successor to Campagnolo’s top tier group set, Nuovo Record. Referencing Campagnolo catalogue 17a (circa 1975), the seat post bolt was available in either 8mm diameter (part number 1072) or 10mm diameter (part number 1070).

However, in Campagnolo catalogue 18 (circa 1983), the various group sets were only supplied with the 8mm diameter bolt. The same seat post bolt was supplied in all the different Campagnolo group sets.

Fitting & Materials

According a 1981 UK retailer catalogue I found online, the bolt is made from chrome steel, but you need to be careful not to overtighten the bolt or it can snap. If the seat post is the correct diameter for your frame, you shouldn’t need to overtighten this bolt. The seat post should be lightly greased.

When fitting the part, you will notice the nut has a knurled end. I fit the nut to the left side of the frame on My Colnago Master, and insert the washer and bolt on the right side of the frame.

You will need 2 x 5mm Allen keys to tighten or loosen the bolt in the frame. Use an Allen key on the left side of the frame to hold the knurled nut secure so it doesn’t move. The Allen key on the right side of the frame is used to tighten or loosen the bolt (threaded part). The threading is standard (clockwise to tighten, anti-clockwise to loosen).

Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt Assembled
Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt (assembled)


Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt dimensions

Internal width when both parts fully threaded together: 18.5mm.
Internal width when both parts barely threaded together: 28mm.
Internal diameter: 8mm (or 10mm as mentioned earlier).

UK Pricing in 1981

I found a 1981 catalogue for a British cycling shop with pricing as follows;
The Campagnolo seat post bolt retails for GBP 1.80

Super Record Component Weight

I have weighed a set of Super Record components and quite surprisingly, these vintage parts compares quite favourably against the weight of a modern Campagnolo Super Record group set.

Learn more about Campagnolo Super Record

This article is just a small part of my full review of Campagnolo Super Record groupset.


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5 thoughts on “Vintage Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt Review

  • Which side does the washer go on if the left side has the knurled threads? Thank you. I’m rebuilding my 1985 Bianchi Super Leggera from the frame up this winter with the original parts after changing the drive train years ago.

    • Hi Robert, both my bikes have the knurled nut fitted on the left side of the seat post as it is nicer (for me) to tighten or loosen the seat post bolt on the drive side of the bike, but I would recommend to fit the knurled nut on the same side it was originally fitted to maximise the grip. Recgardless, best to use 2 allen keys when tightening or loosening the bolt. Enjoy the build.

  • Beware of counterfeit Campagnolo seat post binder bolts for sale on sites such as eBay. The Patent Campagnolo lettering on an authentic bolt will be cleanly stamped in rather than engraved. You need to look very closely on a magnified good photo of the item to see if the lettering has been produced by Computer Numerically Controlled CNC engraving. The letters will be rough and uneven in depth if they have been created by CNC engraving.

    • I have been buying my last few on eBay but they aren’t cheap. Search for something like NOS Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt.

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