Sharing Images on cycling obsession

If you want to share images of your bike or components on this website for the purposes of discussion, you will first need to upload the images to an image sharing website.

There are many image sharing websites to choose from and most offer free accounts. You simply register for a new account and upload your images. Then you will be provided with a link (URL) that can be posted in the comments section of this website. When people click on this link in the comments section, they will be able to see your images on the image hosting website.

Make sure the images you upload are located in a folder that can be viewed the public and not in a restricted or protected folder.

Note: Images posted to Facebook or Instagram often require people to have an account to view these images, so please don’t include a URL to images on these types of services. The images must be on a website that anyone can access without needing an account.

This might sound like a hassle, but the advantages of this system are;

  1. You have full control your images. They can be added, updated or deleted at any time you choose.
  2. There is no risk of a copyright infringement should any images be copied and posted here from some other location.
  3. Anyone visiting this website can view and comment on the images.
  4. The pages on this website load faster and less storage space is required.
  5. The website is also easier to maintain 😉

What is a link or URL?

A link or URL is simply a line of text that directs your browser to a specific website or web page on the internet. Here is what the link or URL for this web page looks like;

Sharing Images on cycling obsession

How do I add a link to the comments area?

When typing in your comments on this website, simply click on the link button which is displayed just above the comments area.

A new window will pop-up.

In the URL box, simply paste the complete link to your images. eg.

In the Link Text box, type some text that will be displayed for your link eg. Click to view images.

Lastly click the Add Link button and the link will be inserted into your comments. Using the example shown above, the link in the comments section will look like this;

<a href=””>Click to view images

Once your saved comment is approved, anyone visiting the site will be able to click on the text in your comment click to view images and will be shown your images.