Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 3)

Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration

Welcome to part 3 of my Colnago Nuovo Mexico restoration. In the previous parts I have discussed the following parts of this restoration;

Choosing the Components

Not surprisingly, I chose Campagnolo Super Record components for this build. I wanted to restore this Nuovo Mexico back to an original 1980’s ‘Super Bike’ and an Italian frame deserves Italian components as you so often hear people say.

Campagnolo Super Record Banner

Campagnolo Super Record was the ‘must have’ ensemble in the early 1980’s. Beautiful and functional, perfected over the years. It was premium componentry for pro racers and enthusiasts. Learn more about Campagnolo Super Record in my detailed review.

There are plenty of vintage Campagnolo Super Record parts for sale on auction sites like E-bay, but due to the prestige and popularity, it can become costly, particularly for anything that is ‘New Old Stock’ (NOS) or an Anniversary part.

Whilst the frame was being restored, I spent weeks on E-bay searching for components all over the world. This is a time consuming process, but if you are fussy like me, you want the best parts for the lowest price. Unfortunately buying components separately increases freight costs, but this frame deserves a great set of quality parts.

Campagnolo Components List

  • Super Record Crankset 170mm cranks, 52t/42t chain rings
  • Super Record Front Derailleur (braze mount)
  • Super Record Rear Derailleur
  • Super Record Headset (Italian threaded)
  • Super Record Seat Post 27.2mm, 180mm long
  • Super Record Brake Levers
  • Super Record Brake Callipers (front & rear)
  • Record Friction Shift Levers
  • Record Bottom Bracket 70-SS (Italian Threaded)
  • Record Front Wheel Hubs 32 hole, 100mm
  • Record Rear Wheel Hub 32 hole, 126mm (for 6 cogs)
  • Record Quick Release Levers
  • Campagnolo Seat Post Bolt
  • Campagnolo Brake Pads (NOS)

Note: The ‘Super Record’ group set included Record shift levers, hubs and skewers as standard. I didn’t buy a titanium ‘Super Record’ bottom bracket for this bike as it is costly and less durable. The regular steel ‘Record’ bottom bracket could be ordered as an option with the ‘Super Record’ group set so it is not out of place in this build.

Campagnolo Shift & Brake Cables

Campagnolo Shift Cable Set
Modern Campagnolo Shift Cable Set

I purchased a set of modern Campagnolo brake and shift cables with a white brake cable housing. Obviously they are not vintage, but as I will be riding this bike, I want to be sure that the cables aren’t going to snap unexpectedly, particularly the brakes. Thankfully the cable ferrule ends haven’t evolved much since the 1980’s and so modern cables continue to work perfectly in vintage Campagnolo Super Record components.

However, I had to purchase 2 x step-down ferrules (pictured below) for the rear derailleur & cable stop on the Colnago frame. These are not included in a modern cable set, but can be bought online. I bought a kit which included 2 step-down ferrules and a flexible stainless steel outer that I will be using for the rear derailleur shift cable to retain the vintage aesthetic. Modern shift cable outers will also work with the step-down ferrules if you prefer.

Rear Derailleur Stainless Steel Shift Cable Outer
Rear Derailleur Stainless Steel Shift Cable Outer with step-down ferrules.

Brake Lever Rubber Hoods

Replica Campagnolo Super Record Brake Hoods
Replica Campagnolo Super Record Brake Hoods

Some of you will have noticed that the brake levers pictured above were missing the rubber hood covers. Understandably many of the original Campagnolo hoods fitted to these brake levers have perished over time. Luckily there are people selling replica hoods on E-Bay in standard colours; tan, black & white. I have purchased a few sets of these and they fit and work perfectly. I have decided to use a set of tan hoods for this build.

Be Careful Buying Used Wheel Hubs Online

When buying used hubs online, be sure to carefully examine the images by counting the number of holes in each hub as sometimes the seller will send you a mixed set ie. one hub is 32 hole, the other is 36 hole. This happened to me when I was buying my hubs on E-bay for this build. After a lot of mucking around, I subsequently ended up with 2 sets of hubs (one set with 32 holes and another set with 36 holes).

Pedals & Toe Clips

I bought a nice set of Campagnolo Superleggeri pedals and vintage Christophe alloy toe clips with tan leather straps, but I won’t be fitting them to this bike. I will be fitting modern Shimano Ultegra clipless pedals. Surprising I know, but I like the connection modern clipless pedals provide.

Article Continues on the Next Page

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article so far. On the next page you can read about the components I chose for the wheels and drivetrain.


Please remember that this information is only to be used as a guide.
I consider myself an enthusiast, not an expert. Whilst I enjoy working on my own bikes, I am not a qualified bicycle mechanic. The content of this article is purely illustrative and does not constitute professional advice. For your own safety, this type of work should only be undertaken by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Incorrect assembly of parts could result in equipment damage, personal injury or death.

About Me.

I have been riding and working on my own bikes for many years now. I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge and research with others. My aim is to inspire people to get involved in all aspects of this amazing sport. Cheers.


I welcome reader feedback in the comments section. Should you wish to suggest an amendment, please include a note advising the source of your information so that myself and other readers can ascertain the accuracy of your information. Note: Trolling or argumentative comments will be removed as they are counter-productive.

3 thoughts on “Colnago Nuovo Mexico Bicycle Restoration (Part 3)

  • Quote. I didn’t buy a titanium ‘Super Record’ bottom bracket for this bike as it is costly and less durable.
    Campa made two titanium axles, 1st generation is hollow whereas the 2nd is solid. Rumour has Fignon’s hollow axle break during the TdF prompted the upgrade to solid. If you watch the video clip of his tumble, you will see he applies roughly 500W to the cranks to catch up with the peleton. Question: Is this the reason why the hollow version is reportedly less durable? Or have there been other broken titanium axles?
    Greetings from Southern Bavaria

    • Hi Colin, yes that broken Super Record titanium bottom bracket story is quite well documented over the internet. Obviously someone at Campagnolo realised that making a copy of the steel Record BB axle in titanium would be somewhat lighter, but either it wasn’t tested enough or there were manufacturing issues as 500W is not that much power to be able to break one. We know sprinters can generate 3 times that power output and it can be a nasty crash if it does happen. Campagnolo obviously decided to fix the problem by releasing an improved version. You can read more about these bottom brackets on my Campagnolo Super Record bottom bracket review.

      In terms of my original comments regarding the durability, apart from the 1st gen axle issues, the aluminium cups can be quite easily damaged when installing or removing them from the frame with Italian threaded bottom bracket as you need the drive side cup to be tight. If you can find any SR BB’s on ebay, the aluminium cups are usually damaged by the tools. The steel Record cups are much stronger.

  • Your response and website both very much appreciated, thanks. I was pretty active in the 70s & 80s – bought my first blue Colnago Super in 1974. Spent a lot of time in Italy then but don’t remember a recall for this particular product. However, recalls were few and far between in those days. I now have to find a steel axle to be on the safe side.

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